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IELTS Practice Tests

IELTS Practice Tests

SLC’s online IELTS Practice Tests reliably assess candidates’ IELTS scores in the four papers of the IELTS Academic test.

  • Written by experienced test writers
  • Marked by IELTS specialists, including ex-examiners
  • Taken online under timed conditions
  • Get accurate and reliable results within 1 week

Why use SLC’s IELTS Practice Tests?

If your school or university is preparing students for IELTS, the Practice Tests give you an accurate picture of their level in the four skills and how much work they need to do before sitting the test.

SLC’s IELTS Practice Tests enable institutions to plan IELTS study courses effectively by highlighting students’ skills mix and their strengths and weaknesses.

SLC has worked with thousands of IELTS candidates. Our academic team and teachers include ex-examiners, teacher trainers and IELTS materials writers.

Taking the IELTS Practice Test

For the Listening, Reading and Writing parts, students receive a login to the SLC’s online learning portal www.slc-campus.com. They take the papers online; they are timed. For the Speaking test, each student gets an invitation to schedule a Speaking Test online, where they book a time that suits them. They need 15 minutes for the test. Before the test starts, they receive confirmation and full instructions.

The results

Each paper is given an IELTS score between 1 and 9, using IELTS marking criteria, along with an overall score. This gives an accurate measurement of a student’s level. All marking takes place within five working days of submission (Writing) or interview (Speaking).

SLC Practice IELTS tests have been used widely by institutions. They enable organisations to understand how much training is required for candidates to achieve the scores they need and what kind of preparation course would suit them best. All at a fraction of the price of an official test.

Institutional testing platforms and support

Any educational institution using SLC’s tests and courses receives their own platform design, with logos, colours and imagery.

SLC provides training and technical support, so organisations and their students are supported throughout.

Interested in using online IELTS Practice Tests? Get in touch!