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IELTS Preparation for Doctors 1:1

ONE-TO-ONE IELTS Preparation for Doctors

Targeted, effective one-to-one IELTS lessons for doctors

SLC prepares doctors to achieve the IELTS scores they need to register with regulatory bodies such as the General Medical Council (GMC) in the UK.

We work with employers and recruitment companies to make sure their doctors are ready for IELTS. SLC is the official IELTS training partner for the UK-wide International GP Recruitment Programme (IGPR).

IELTS tutors are highly-experienced exam preparation specialists and many of them are ex-examiners. Lessons take place online using award-winning software, which allows a doctor to have lessons wherever they are.

Courses are based on detailed needs analysis and/or pre-course testing. Timetables are flexible. Materials are provided and target what a candidate needs to focus on.

Progress is tracked and reported on, so employers know when their candidates are ready to sit IELTS.

How one-to-one online IELTS preparation works:

  • Needs analysis and level assessment
    We ask candidates about their current skills level in detail, including any past IELTS results. Mock IELTS tests are provided where appropriate. Candidates also complete a piece of test-focused writing. Courses are therefore planned in advance, ensuring learners hit the ground running.
  • Tutor assignment
    Tutors are assigned to match candidate availability and any specific learning requirements. Lessons are online, so learners just need a PC or laptop and a good internet connection. Tutors are given a full briefing.
  • IELTS lessons
    One-to-one lessons are designed around candidate’s needs and skills. They may include detailed feedback on how to improve their writing, reading skills development, practice Speaking tests, and lessons on exam strategy, for example.
  • Reporting and Review
    We send regular reports to sponsoring organisations on candidate progress, including mock test results and teacher feedback. Employers can track their investment and understand when their candidates will be ready to take IELTS.

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