Specialist Language Courses


Online preparation for the IELTS Academic Test. Reach IELTS provides excellent self-study for IELTS candidates wherever they are.

This 50-hour online IELTS preparation course offers your candidates fast and flexible preparation before they take their IELTS exam.

The course has been used by hundreds of candidates and training centres and receives consistently excellent feedback.

Reach IELTS is divided into the four IELTS papers, Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking, and is highly test-focused. Learners quickly get to know the format of the test, the language they need to perform well, and essential test techniques and strategies.

There are 2 complete practice tests, written by a highly experienced test writer and taken under timed conditions. Writing and Speaking answers are recorded for so they can easily be reviewed and marked.

The course is dynamic and interactive, with multiple activities, video and audio inputs and expert insights. The course includes practice test questions and answers for every part.

Institutional course platforms and support

Any employer using SLC’s courses receives their own platform design, where they get full reporting on what their candidates have done and what their scores are.

SLC provides training and technical support, so organisations and learners are supported throughout.

IELTS Coaching

Combine Reach IELTS with one-to-one coaching with an expert tutor to give your learners the best possible chance of achieving the IELTS scores they need.

Organisational discounts

We provide organisational licences and discounts to Reach IELTS. This offer can be combined to suit an organisation’s needs with our other Medical English and exam preparation courses, such as Reach OET B Medicine and Nursing, Medical Terminology, English for Medical Academic Purposes, English for Doctors, English for Pharmacy, English for Nurses and English for Care.

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