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English for Care

This English for Care course is for carers, healthcare and nursing assistants who need to communicate effectively with patients and colleagues.

SLC’s English for Care course enables carers with elementary or lower intermediate level English to give safe and effective care.

The course covers a wide range of essential areas with a strong focus on looking after patients, including the elderly and confused. Topics include managing pain, pressure area care, dealing with falls, mental health issues, infection control, dealing with elderly patients, taking observations, and managing daily activities, such as toileting, food, drink and mobility.

Inputs and tasks focus on interactions with patients and nurses, care-specific language, and essential medical and everyday terminology.

Learn on the go

The course can be used wherever a learner has an internet connection, allowing study to fit around busy work schedules. Inputs and activities are short and focused, so even 10 minutes will be enough to learn some useful language.

CPD accreditation

Online English for Care is accredited by the CPD Standards Office in the UK. On completion, the nurse receives a formal CPD Standards certificate for 48 CPD hours or points. CPD hours are accepted internationally and across multiple professional sectors.

Institutional course platforms and support

Any employer using SLC’s courses receives their unique platform design, where they get detailed reporting on what their staff have done and what their scores are.
SLC provides academic and technical support, so organisations and nurses are supported throughout.

Organisational discounts

We provide organisational licences and discounts to the online English for Care course for employers wishing to support their international staff. This offer can be combined to suit an organisation’s needs with our other courses, such as English for Nurses, Medical Terminology, English for Doctors, OET preparation, IELTS preparation, English for Medical Academic Purposes and English for Pharmacy.

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