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Medical Communication Skills for Doctors: Simulated Surgery

Improve your medical communication skills and pass the Simulated Surgery test for GPs with SLC, the UK’s leading provider of English language training to the healthcare sector.

SLC is the national supplier of language training to NHS England’s International GP Recruitment Programme. SLC works with NHS CCGs, Trusts, and Health Boards, as well as private healthcare providers, medical recruitment companies and hundreds of doctors and medical students around the world to improve their communication skills.

Simulated Surgery

Simulated Surgery is an assessment given to overseas-qualified GPs wanting to work in the UK. It tests a GP’s consulting and communication skills. In the assessment, a GP sees 12 different mock patients for 10-minute appointments each. Written records and associated documents are provided, covering a wide variety of scenarios. These are designed to reflect a range of typical problems found in general practice.

Medical Communication Training for Simulated Surgery

In each scenario, you will need to communicate clearly, sensitively and effectively in English. At SLC, we train GPs to meet the assessment criteria. There are five core areas.

1. Gathering medical information

  • Using the information from the records provided
  • Taking a history to elicit pertinent information and exclude any potentially serious conditions
  • Any appropriate physical examination

2. Eliciting the patient’s concerns

  • Welcome, politeness, establishing rapport
  • Active listening to help a patient to tell their story
  • Empathy and sensitivity to a patient’s feelings
  • Discovering a patient’s concerns and expectations
  • Demonstrating respect for a patient’s wishes and confidentiality

3. Explaining the diagnosis

  • Explaining your assessment of the problem
  • Explaining treatment options
  • Including a patient in their management plan
  • Checking a patient’s understanding

4. Managing the problem

  • Demonstrating a safe and effective management plan
  • Acceptable prescribing, investigation and referral
  • Making appropriate use of resources
  • Making appropriate follow up arrangements

5. Effective consulting

  • Establishing rapport and showing empathy
  • Listening actively
  • Providing holistic care
  • Following a structured consultation
  • Making good use of time

One-to-one Coaching for Simulated Surgery

You work with a trained coach – an English language expert who understands the communication needs integral to effective healthcare. They will go through scenarios with you, highlighting both your strengths and where you need to improve. Specific guidance will be given on both communication skills and linguistic features, such as pronunciation, grammar or vocabulary.

Coaching is given online in using award-winning classroom software. Schedules are flexible, so you can have sessions when you are available. A coaching course consists of 10 x 1-hour sessions. You can book further sessions as you wish.

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