Specialist Language Courses

English for Radiography

Online English for Radiography enables radiographers to improve their professional English so they can work effectively with patients in English and keep up with international research and developments.

This 30-hour, online course has been written specifically for radiographers and students of radiography. English for Radiography covers a range of essential areas.

  • Role and responsibilities
  • Communication with patients in multiple scenarios
  • Safety in radiography
  • Diagnosing and monitoring
  • CT scans
  • MRI
  • Training and skills

The course includes video, audio, articles, vocabulary, grammar, recording and pronunciation activities.

Course accreditation and certification

Online English for Radiography is accredited by the CPD Standards Office in the UK, whose professional qualifications are recognised around the world. Everyone completing the course receives a CPD Standards certificate for 24 CPD hours or points.

Institutional course platforms and support

Any employer using SLC’s courses receives their own platform design, where they get full reporting on what their learners have done and what their scores are.

SLC provides training and technical support, so organisations and learners are supported throughout.

Organisation-specific pricing

We provide organisation-specific pricing to match needs and budget, so we make sure learners get maximum value from the course.

This course can be combined with others to suit an organisation’s needs such as Medical Terminology, English for Medical Academic Purposes, English for Nurses, or English for Doctors.

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