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Medical English for Care

This English for Care course gives students a strong foundation in the language of care and nursing.

Communicate with patients

SLC’s English for Care course covers a wide range of language across many essential areas of care. Inputs and tasks focus on interactions with patients and nurses, building communication skills, vocabulary development including essential medical and everyday terminology, grammar and pronunciation.

Topics include managing pain, pressure area care, dealing with falls, mental health issues, infection control, dealing with elderly patients, taking observations, and managing daily activities, such as toileting, food, drink and mobility.

The course provides an excellent foundation in care-specific language and is particularly suitable for first year undergraduates in nursing degrees. Many universities and nursing colleges now use English for Care in Year 1 and English for Nurses in Year 2.

Institutional course platforms and support

Any institution using SLC’s courses receives their own platform design, so it integrates into the curriculum. As part of this, you get full reporting on what your students have done and what their scores are.

SLC provides free teacher training and technical support, so you, your teachers and students are supported throughout.

Customised courses

As the content is digital, it can be rearranged and edited to match your curriculum. Units can be added to or removed, allowing the English language course materials to align with and support the core nursing syllabus.

Institutional discounts

We provide institutional licences and discounts to the online English for Care course. This offer can be combined to suit your organisation’s needs with our courses too, such as English or Nurses, Medical Terminology, English for Medical Academic Purposes, English for Doctors, English for Pharmacy, OET preparation and IELTS preparation courses.

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