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Online English for Doctors: Clinical Interactions 1

How do you reassure an anxious patient? Ask effective questions in a patient interview? Conduct an intimate examination? Accurately describe pain?

This targeted 24-hour, online course enables international doctors to successfully handle sensitive and challenging clinical interactions in English.

On this course, you learn the language you need to interact effectively with patients in the initial stages of their healthcare journey. You focus on 3 specific stages on a patient’s healthcare experience, and cover a wide range of communicative scenarios in each one.

  1. Admission and interview
  2. Discussing specific problems
  3. Conducting examinations, observations and tests

The course includes animated videos, audio, dialogue building, hospital documents and a wide variety of input and exercise types.

Course Outcomes

At the end of the course, you will be able to

  • understand clinical English better
  • manage difficult conversations with patients more effectively in English
  • display a stronger command of medical terminology and everyday clinical language
  • work with greater confidence in English

You have 2 months to complete the units and will receive a CPD-accredited certificate on completion for 20 CPD points.

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