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OET, IELTS, and Medical English Preparation

About the Partnership

SLC has partnered with Migrate, the hiring platform that takes you further.  Migrate is an online recruitment solution that breaks down the barriers of international healthcare recruitment and uses an innovative app to match candidates and employers in the healthcare sector.

As a Migrate user you have access to SLC’s range of OET, IELTS and Medical English courses at a discounted price allowing you to prepare and pass the English tests you need for your professional registration. 

Simply use the code MIGRATEHR at the checkout to receive a -10% discount on any course package.

About the Courses

Test practice

Test questions are integrated into all the units, so you really see what you need to do in the real exam.

Develop the language strategies you need

The course shows you how to develop OET-specific listening, reading, writing and speaking skills.

Learn the language you need

Vocabulary and grammar are integrated throughout covering key language of healthcare.

Record yourself

Our latest activity shows you how you sound in the role plays when asking questions, explaining things, giving advice and information to patients.

Expert content

Virginia Allum is the writer and 1000s of doctors have taken Reach OET B Medicine. This is our latest edition and we’re excited at how good it is.

A properly structured and sequenced course

You can see what you’re learning, how it all fits together and what you have achieved at the end.

Understand what the markers want

Detailed OET criteria analysis so you understand what to do in the Writing and Speaking tests to get your best score.

Paper by paper, part by part, question by question analysis

Understand all the OET formats and questions types and how to best answer them.

Dynamic multi-media learning

The course is highly visual with 35 videos, 45 audio tracks and 100s of different tasks and activities.

Accredited and certificated course

When you complete the course, you receive a formal CPD Standards certificate for 48 CPD hours or points.

Would you like to work with an expert teacher?

All our Pro and Premium packages allow you to focus on the skill area that you want to work on the most. SLC’s experienced teachers can focus on your Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking skills individually at your request.

With plenty of online practice activities

Check out our courses

Reach OET B Medicine

Reach OET B Medicine is for doctors who are preparing to achieve a B grade in the Occupational English Test.

Reach OET B Nursing

Reach OET B Nursing is for nurses who are preparing to achieve a B grade in the Occupational English Test.

English for Nursing

This online English for Nurses course teaches you the English you need to study and work in an English-speaking healthcare environment. 

English for Doctors

This online English for Doctors course enables you to learn the English you need to study and work in an English-speaking healthcare environment.

OET Writing Correction Service

Worried about your writing? We can help!


Reach IELTS enables you to achieve a high score in the IELTS Academic English test.

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