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OET Writing Correction

OET Writing Correction Service

Ensure your candidates are prepared to pass the OET Writing paper

The OET Writing test is the most difficult paper for many OET candidates, both doctors and nurses.

Getting detailed correction and feedback on practice OET writing tests makes sure that candidates understand exactly what they need to do in the official test to perform at their best.

SLC works with thousands of OET candidates. Our team of OET specialists help candidates get the scores they need.

How does it work?

We send your candidates an OET Writing task complete with a full set of Case Notes. They then write their answer – typically a referral letter using the information in the notes – ideally under timed conditions.

The task is then sent to us for marking by one of our OET experts, all of whom have been through the OET Premium Preparation Programme. They mark it and give detailed feedback. Errors are analysed and candidates receive detailed advice on what they need to improve.

The OET Writing Correction Service is for both Doctors and Nurses. You or your candidates inform us beforehand so we send you the correct OET Writing Paper, either Medicine for Doctors or Nursing. In the Writing section of the OET, a doctor or nurse writes a referral letter in their professional capacity, using the Case Notes we send. This is exactly what candidates do in the test.

The OET Writing Correction ensures candidates know what to study and prepare with confidence to achieve an OET Grade B.

OET Writing Correction can be combined with targeted OET one-to-one and group coaching to support candidates further.

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