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Reach OET B Medicine

Preparation for the OET Medicine Test. Reach OET B Medicine is used worldwide by schools preparing doctors to achieve a B grade in the Occupational English Test.

Are you preparing medical professionals for the OET Medicine Paper? Then this 50-hour online OET Medicine preparation course is for you.

Reach OET B Medicine can be used as classroom materials, as supplementary study or homework, or as independent study by students and test candidates.

This unique online course is divided into the four OET papers, Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking, and is highly test-focused. Learners quickly get to know the format of the test, the language they need to perform well, and essential test techniques and strategies.

The course is dynamic and interactive, with multiple activities, video and audio inputs and expert insights.

Content includes listening to consultations and medical talks, reading texts, completing summaries and answering questions on medical topics, writing referral letters based on case notes, and learning how to perform at a high level in the OET role plays. The course includes practice test questions and answers for every part.

  • Teacher support
    Teachers receive free logins, teacher training, technical support and extensive teacher notes with answers, audio and video transcripts, and ideas on how to use the materials in class.
  • Track student progress
    Institutions gets full reporting on what students have done and what their scores are, so enabling teachers to track homework, for example.
  • Institution platform
    Any institution using SLC’s courses receives their own platform design, so it integrates seamlessly into their curriculum.
  • Customised courses
    As the content is digital, Reach OET B can be rearranged and edited to match your curriculum. Units can be added to or removed should you wish.
  • Institutional discounts
    We provide institutional licences and discounts to the online Reach OET B Medicine. This offer can be combined to suit your organisation’s needs with our courses too, such as, Medical Terminology, English for Medical Academic Purposes, English for Doctors, English for Pharmacy, English for Nurses, English for Care, and IELTS preparation courses.

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