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What do Nurses think of their Online English for Nurses Course?

Our Online English for Nurses course has been out for over a year now. We’ve been going through all the end-of-course questionnaires with a fine toothcomb to help us discover what we should change or improve and to see how happy nurses were with the course. A fantastic 220 nurses have given us feedback so far. Here are the results.

We are delighted to share the key findings to help you get a feel for the course and how it impacts on international nurses working or aiming to work in an English language environment.

Key Finding 1

“What progress did you make in your Medical English?”

Of the 220 respondents, 93% said they made ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ progress as a result of taking the course. Different nurses emphasised different parts of the course – see Key Finding 4 – which we think demonstrates the breadth of content and the types of exercises included. Certainly, our aim was to help nurses progress in all language skills.

“For me, this course was very good, because I improved my English as a health technician , improved the pronunciation of words and improved communication. The course is very well organized and the exercises are very good for learning.”
– Daniela, Nurse

Key Finding 2

“What did you think of the course content – was it relevant to your work?”

Again the vast majority of nurses answered either ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ – see the graph below. This is a strong vindication of the primary objective of the course which was to ensure that nurses can work effectively and safely in an English speaking environment, and be able to communicate with patients and colleagues more accurately, confidently and fluently.

question 2

I think that this course is very useful for nurses who would like to come in UK: it is a good tool aimed at improve the Medical English and it provides the possibility to review some importants topics for the nurse (for example pressure ulcers, pain, management of intravenous therapy, post-operative care).
– Mirco, Nurse

Key Finding 3

“What did you think of the different exercises and activities?”

87% of the nurses said that our exercises and activities were ‘excellent’ or ‘good’. We’re also delighted with this, as one of the main challenges in designing online learning courses is to keep them interesting and engaging. Facebook is only a click away, after all.

Our course is made with lots of short, sharp exercises with multiple inputs, including animated videos, dialogues, hospital charts, academic texts, vocabulary builders, pronunciation work and role play writing.

Key Finding 4

“What was most useful in the course?”

Interestingly, vocabulary came out top here, followed by working on dialogues. Even those nurses who said that their English was at a good level stated that that they learned new vocabulary. This demonstrates how important the more technical aspects of Medical English can be, and also how they translate into plain English when talking to patients. The course integrates vocabulary systematically into the modules, and contextualises it in multiple scenarios played out in video and audio.
question 4

“I think it’s a good course. I learned a lot of vocabulary from this course, and I think the audios are very interesting.”

– Rocio, Nurse

Key Finding 5

“How much of the English in the course was new to you?”

93% of the nurses said that a considerable amount of the English in the course was new for them. As many of the nurses taking the course took it just before coming to work in the UK, or as part of their induction while in the UK, this shows perhaps just how much international Nurses benefit from a course in Nursing English when relocating to an English-speaking country.

 question 5

“I am very satisfied with this English course, I learned new words frequently used in the ward,  I hope to improve my level of English through this course and talking with my colleagues nurses and doctors during my shift.”
– Roberto lo Chiano, Nurse.

Key Finding 6

“What did you think of the length of the course?”

One of our concerns was that 100 hours would be too long. However, we felt that to cover all the essential areas of clinical care faced by a nurse, 100 hours would be necessary. And we’re delighted to see that we’re not alone! 160 out of 220 nurses stated that this was the perfect length. It also shows just how important it is to ensure that the course remains engaging and relevant throughout.

question 6

Key Finding 7

Would you recommend the course to others?

97% of the nurses who finished the course would recommend it to others.

question 7

“Thank you for the opportunity. It has been an interactive and helpful course. Will recommend it to other colleagues !”
– Alina, Nurse.

Please contact us if you are interested in taking the course or if you are a healthcare organisation and would like to purchase the course for your nurses.