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Reach OET B Live Lessons Calendar

SLC Reach OET B Nursing Course

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This season the lessons will take place at 12:00pm British Standard Time. To see what the time is where you are, you can use this time converter. Put in London with the day and time of the lesson, then add your location and you can see when you should attend.

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28.08.23BK HOLIDAY – No class
29.08.23Introduction to Listening A – tips and strategies 
30.08.23Introduction to Reading A – tips and strategies 
31.08.23Introduction to Speaking – how to approach OET speaking 
04.09.23How to approach OET Writing  
05.09.23Introduction to listening B – tips and strategies  
06.09.23Introduction to reading B – tips and strategies 
07.09.23Common verbs and useful phrases 
11.09.23Writing the purpose  
12.09.23Introduction to Listening C – tips and strategies 
13.09.23Introduction to Reading C – tips and strategies 
14.09.23Assessment criteria – linguistic  
18.09.23Selecting relevant information  
19.09.23Listening A practice 1
20.09.23Reading A practice 1
21.09.23Assessment criteria – clinical communication 
25.09.23Assessment criteria 
26.09.23Listening B practice 1
27.09.23Reading B practice 1
28.09.23Giving clear explanations 
02.10.23Linking in OET Writing  
03.10.23Listening C – listening for attitude & opinion  
04.10.23Reading C – identifying attitude and opinion  (1) 
05.10.23Explaining a procedure 
09.10.23How to expand case notes  
10.10.23Listening A practice 2
11.10.23Reading A practice 2
12.10.23Giving Advice 
16.10.23Reporting information  
17.10.23Listening B – practice 2
18.10.23Reading B practice 2 
19.10.23Providing structure in the OET role play 
23.10.23Summarising information 
24.10.23Listening C – keeping your place 
25.10.23Reading C skills – identify attitude and opinion (2) 
26.10.23Using patient-friendly language 
30.10.23Organising information 
31.10.23Listening C Skills – tips for understanding fast speech   
01.11.23Reading C Skills – Comparing language for fact vs opinion  
02.11.23Dealing with patient concerns 
06.11.23Genre & Style 
07.11.23Listening A skills – vocabulary for 12 professions 
08.11.23Reading A – practice – live demo  
09.11.23Questions in OET Speaking role plays 
13.11.23Informing and reporting vs requesting 
14.11.23Listening skills – how to improve your listening for OET  
15.11.23Reading skills – how to improve your reading for OET 
16.11.23Direct vs indirect language 
20.11.23Tenses overview for OET Writing