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English Language Assessment

English Language Assessment

English Language Assessment Services for Healthcare Professionals

SLC, the UK’s leading provider of English language training services to the global healthcare sector, offers organisations detailed and cost-effective language assessments for medical professionals.

These assessments enable healthcare employers, recruitment companies and medical education institutions to understand a test-taker’s current level and what training is required for a learner to achieve a required level.

Assessments may relate to the international OET, IELTS, OSCE or Simulated Surgery tests required by regulatory bodies, or be developed for a specific purpose or project.

OET Practice Test

The SLC OET Medicine and Nursing practice tests were written by experienced OET test writers. They are very similar to an official OET test and accurately assess your score as if you were to sit an actual test.

IELTS Practice Tests

Written by an expert, these IELTS tests replicate the four papers of the official test and give an accurate picture of what a candidate would score. Results are per-skill (listening, reading, speaking, writing) and reported in detail, with training recommendations where requested.

OSCE and Simulated Surgery Assessment

Conducted by experts, these assessment measure a candidate’s ability to communicate effectively and accurately in the professional medical communication scenarios required in UK OSCE or Simulated Surgery tests.

Bespoke Medical English Tests

SLC’s deep expertise in Medical English enables us to create organisation- or project-specific diagnostic Medical English tests that accurately measure a candidate’s ability in the four English language skills.

Tests are reliable and of high quality having gone through a rigorous validation process. The content is tailored to the specific requirements of the commissioning organisation and their test takers.

Key Assessment Features

  • Written by test creation experts
  • Delivered online under strict timing
  • Easy to use
  • Writing is submitted by candidate and marked by trained experts
  • Speaking is conducted live in SLC’s online classroom by trained examiners
  • Accurate skill by skill reporting
  • Training recommendations where required