Specialist Language Courses

International Healthcare Recruitment Projects

SLC works with NHS England, Health Education England, international healthcare recruitment companies, and multiple healthcare employers to support the recruitment and training of international healthcare professionals.

International Healthcare Recruitment Projects

We provide a range of services

Scalable, effective English language assessment

SLC uses online language testing to assess the English language level and exam-readiness of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Candidates are based around the world. Tests are standardised, accurate and geared to the language needed by healthcare professionals relocating to English-speaking countries.

Exam-readiness testing focuses on OET and IELTS, the international medical and academic English tests used by regulatory bodies in English-speaking countries worldwide.

Assessments can be delivered at scale to hundreds of candidates. They produce accurate scores quickly, enabling timely recruitment and training decisions to be made.


Scalable, effective English language tuition and exam preparation

SLC teaches in online classrooms. This allows expert exam-preparation teachers to work with hundreds of candidates around the world, either in one-to-one or in group lessons.

Courses are designed to meet candidate needs and language level. Lesson timetables are flexible and timetables are set to meet recruitment logistics. Lessons can take place in a candidate’s home country or in their destination country.

Candidate progress is tracked closely with key milestones set throughout. All clients receive weekly reports and updates, along with detailed monthly reviews.

Candidates log into award-winning classrooms. Materials are multi-media and mapped to course syllabi. Teachers use the latest online teaching pedagogy. Courses produce consistently excellent results.