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The PTE Academic English test is accepted by thousands of institutions worldwide, including universities across the English-speaking world and the Australian, UK, and New Zealand governments.

For healthcare professionals, PTE Academic is recognised by regulatory bodies, including in the US, Australia, and New Zealand, who require a specific set of scores to show that your English is good enough to practice safely. To be a doctor or a nurse in Australia for example, you need to score a at least 65 from a maximum of 90 points in each of the four skills.

However, to get the score you need is not easy. You need make sure your English language knowledge and skills are at the right level, learn critical exam techniques, and know what to expect on the day.


What you learn on a PTE Academic course

SLC offers one-to-one test preparation training which targets the areas you need to improve and gives you what you need to prepare for success.

Courses address your specific needs. Lesson may focus on a wide range of areas, from building your academic language to developing test strategies and techniques for each of the 20 question types. You get expert advice and detailed feedback on your language throughout your lessons.

How one-to-one PTE Academic courses work

Needs analysis and level assessment

You complete a Needs Analysis form describing your current skills level in detail, including any past exam results. You also take an English level test. This means we can plan your course in advance, so you start learning in your first lesson.

Tutor assignment

Your tutor is assigned to match your availability and any specific learning needs you have. Lessons are online, so you just need a PC or laptop and a good internet connection. Tutors are given a detailed briefing on your course. The class schedule is flexible, and our teachers can work around your availability.

PTE Academic lessons

One-to-one lessons last 60 minutes. They are designed around your needs, language level and test skills. They may include detailed feedback on how to improve your writing, your reading skills, or your exam techniques, for example.

Exam study plan

At the end of your course, your tutor tells you how ready you are to take the official test. They give you a study plan to make sure you are as prepared as you can be.


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