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Clinical Interactions

One-to-one Clinical Communication Skills for Doctors

Improve your clinical communication skills

Communicating accurately and effectively with patients requires advanced language and communication skills.

Taking focused one-to-one lessons with an expert enables you to successfully handle sensitive and challenging clinical interactions in English. Based on detailed needs analysis, your trainer will target the areas of communication you need to work on most. Areas may include:

  • Establishing rapport with a patient
  • Using different questions to guide an interview
  • Using language that patients understand
  • Dealing with anxiety and upset
  • Giving effective advice
  • Demonstrating sensitivity and tact
  • Demonstrating your professionalism and understanding of ethical principles

Lessons take place online using award-winning software. Timetables are flexible and agreed with your tutor.

How one-to-one preparation works:

  • Needs analysis

    We ask you about your current skills level in detail and what you want to work on. This allows us to plan your lessons in advance.
  • Tutor assignment

    You tell us when you are available for lessons, so we can assign the right trainer to work with you. Lessons are online, so you just need a PC or laptop and a good internet connection. Your trainer is given a full briefing on what you need.
  • One-to-one lessons

    Your individual lessons are designed around your needs and skills. Each lesson will cover the areas you highlight in your needs analysis. The course has the flexibility to address new needs as they emerge during your lessons.
  • Feedback and Review

    We take regular feedback from you so everyone is working together to make sure you are making maximum progress.

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