Specialist Language Courses


The European Association for Language Teachers for Healthcare: EALTHY represents Medical English teachers at universities, language schools and vocational colleges around the world, holding regular seminars, conferences and workshops around Europe. All SLC’s Medical English courses are EALTHY-approved.


The Occupational English Test (OET) is a test of English used in Healthcare, used around the world to assess the language of medical professionals wanting to work or study in English-speaking environments. It is recognised in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Dubai among others. As the first OET-accredited Premium Preparation provider in Europe, SLC works closely with OET to ensure our materials and training are up-to-date and meet OET’s rigorous accreditation criteria.


Neu Professionals

NEU Professionals LTD is a healthcare recruitment agency based in London with over 10 years of experience in International Recruitment. They are an NHS Procurement in Partnership and Crown Commercial Service Awarded Supplier on all 5 Lots (including Lot 3 AHPs and Social Workers) and also recognised as an ethical recruiter by NHS Employers. Their candidates’ wellbeing is at the heart of their recruitment process and they take pride in their excellent pastoral care.