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This 30-hour course is for healthcare researchers, professionals and students who want to write research articles in English for submission to international journals.

Writing for Publication teaches the structure and language needed to publish. It describes the conventions used, analyses multiple examples, and provides tasks to complete. By the end of the course, you will have a clear idea of what you need to do to have your research successfully published. 

The course focuses on quantitative research and has a strong, practical focus at all times. It breaks down the writing and publishing process into easily digestible sections. It is easy to follow and combines insight and expertise with humour and engaging activities throughout. 

Writing for Publication is endorsed by EALTHY, the global association for the teaching of English for Healthcare.

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About the author
John Skelton author of Writing for publication course

John Skelton BA MA FRCGP (Hon) is Emeritus Professor at the Institute of Clinical Science at the University of Birmingham. John has published widely in Clinical Communication, Applied Linguistics and related areas, with research published in The Lancet, BMJ, Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching Journal, amongst many others. He has taught courses on Writing for Publication to students in many parts of the world.

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