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SLC’s medical English courses are used by medical schools, nursing colleges, public health bodies, English language schools and exam boards to support teachers and their students.

Clients are based across Europe, in China, India, the Gulf and Russia.

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How are the materials and courses used?

Teachers and institutions use the courses in multiple ways – as digital coursebooks, as supplementary learning, and as part of a flipped classroom approach. We can advise you how to integrate the materials to meet your objectives.

What’s in the courses?

The courses focus on both profession-specific and cross-sector content. They include courses for medicine, nursing, care, radiography and pharmacy, as well as terminology, grammar and academic writing and research.

They include animated videos, audio, interactive recording, hospital charts and documents, academic articles and abstracts, a wide variety of practice tasks and quizzes, and lots of communicative work.

Can we customise the courses to fit our curriculum?​

Yes. As courses are digital, the units can be rearranged, edited, added to or removed to match your curriculum. Talk to us about what you need.

How do I manage and track student work?

You can view student work in detail, down to viewing the specific pages they have completed. You can pull all kinds of reports, manage your students as individuals and groups, send them assignments and even schedule online meetings via the integrated web-conferencing facility.

What does the teaching platform look like?

Your platform is customised for your institution – logos, colours, links, text, url. It is uniquely yours. Your students study on your platform so they are in one place and easy to manage.

The platform is powered by industry leaders Avallain AG who also work with Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and National Geographic Learning among others.

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Our courses

English for Nursing

100 hours covering a wide range of English used in nursing. Includes medical terminology, patient and colleague interactions, hospital language and documentation, and multiple healthcare topics. B1 and B2 level. Strong practical focus throughout. Includes video, audio, interactive recording, and multiple practice tasks.

English for Care

60 hours of targeted content covering the essentials of nursing and care. Includes medical terminology, patient and colleague interactions, and multiple healthcare topics set in hospitals and care homes. A2 and B1 level. Strong practical focus throughout. Includes video, audio, and multiple practice tasks.

English for Medical Academic Purposes

50 hours of content focusing on working effectively with academic medical content. Includes academic writing, giving presentations, understanding research, and listening to lectures. B2 and C1 level. Strong practical focus throughout.

Essential Grammar for Healthcare

30 hours covering the fundamentals of English grammar and how they are applied in a practical healthcare context. Content includes wide range of verb forms, key functions and using articles, adverbs, adjectives and prepositions. A2 and B1 level.

Advanced Grammar for Healthcare

20 hours’ study covering a wide range of grammar at advanced level. Students will learn how it is applied to the language of healthcare, so they can express complex ideas accurately and effectively.

Medical Terminology

30 hours’ study covering hundreds of medical terms - body parts, symptoms, conditions, treatments and procedures. Includes how medical terms are formed and pronounced, and how they translate into everyday English. B1 and B2 level.

English for Radiography

30 hours of content covering the language used in radiography, from patient communication to diagnosing and monitoring to scanning technologies to safety. B1 and B2 level. Strong practical focus throughout.

English for Pharmacy

20 hours of highly targeted content. Focus on describing the fundamentals of pharmacy, from drug development to data to interactions, nomenclature, and classification. B1 and B2 level.

English for Pandemics

10 hours of highly targeted, up-to-date content covering viruses, pandemics, Covid-19, managing pandemics, virus treatments and vaccines. Includes video, audio and links to great resources. B1 and B2 level.

Writing for Publication

This 30-hour course teaches the structure and language needed to publish research in English in international journals. 

Reach OET B Medicine

60 hours of focused test prep covering essential language, techniques and test strategies to score a B in OET Medicine. Includes test practice, paper-specific tasks, video, audio and interactive recording. B2 and C1 level. 

Reach OET B Nursing

60 hours of focused test prep covering essential language, techniques and test strategies to score a B in OET Nursing. Includes test practice, paper-specific tasks, video, audio and interactive recording. B2 and C1 level. 

OET Practice Test

2 x OET Medicine and 2 x OET Nursing practice tests. Written by OET test writers, each test includes all 4 papers. To be taken online under timed conditions.

Reach IELTS & IELTS Practice test

50 hours of focused test prep, covering essential language, techniques and test strategies to score a 6 or above in the Academic IELTS test. Four x IELTS Academic practice tests. Written by experienced IELTS test writer, each test includes all 4 papers.

Professional development course

An Introduction to Medical Humanities

This course is an introduction to Medical Humanities, what it is and how it can be used in your English classes with your students.

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What our clients say

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Who writes the courses?

The courses are written by both industry-leading authors and experienced English language professionals. They combine a strong understanding of the healthcare sector with a rigorous approach to language acquisition. They are academically strong, based on extensive research and regularly reviewed to keep up to date.

Virginia Allum
Catherine Richards
Patrick Fitzgerald
Ros Wright
Annelie Phillips
Anthony Cosgrove
Mark Waistell
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Accredited courses

NOCN Accreditation

SLC is an NOCN-approved international training centre. English for Doctors and English for Nurses are endorsed, certificated and quality assured by NOCN.

NOCN Group is a leading UK Awarding Organisation, established in 1987 and registered by Ofqual, the UK government body responsible for standards and quality in qualifications. NOCN Group operates in over 20 different countries, with over 2,000 approved training centres delivering their qualifications and certificates to over 250,000 learners a year.


All SLC’s courses have been inspected, accredited and certificated by the CPD Standards Office in the UK.

CPDSO quality assures continuing professional development (CPD) across a very wide range of sectors. With accredited providers in over 40 countries, CPDSO works with hundreds of training providers, educational organisations and employers.

Knowledge Bank

SLC works at the cutting edge of online Medical English materials design, pedagogy and support.

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