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The latest in online medical English resources and materials will transform your teaching programmes and accelerate your students’ learning

SLC provide medical English materials to educational institutions worldwide

SLC’s digital courses are used by medical schools, nursing colleges, teaching hospitals, and English language schools. They enable teachers to give outstanding medical English courses to their students.

SLC offer institutions over 850 hours of profession-specific, cross-sector and exam preparation materials, all delivered on a customisable, state-of-the-art learning platform.

Materials designed to meet your students’ needs

Simply select what you need from 850 hours of world class content. As the materials are digital, they can be further customised to match your syllabi so your students achieve the outcomes you want.

Provide the latest in blended learning courses

Using the learning platform, teachers set assignments from the courses for their students. They monitor completion and analyse any submissions. Teachers then activate the language with their students in lessons through discussion, role-play and problem-solving tasks.

Use the courses as digital coursebooks

Like a textbook, the courses have a clear structure that can be taught sequentially or modularly. Unlike a textbook, they are packed with video, audio, recording activities and lots of hands-on activities that enable teachers to give lively, dynamic and engaging classes.

Manage your classes

The learning platform provides all the tools you need to effectively manage your classes.

Powerful independent study to complement your courses

Students can study courses independently. They consolidate and extend classroom learning in a fun and engaging way that can be tracked in detail by teachers. Courses can be completed on all devices, including mobile phone via the course app.

Get detailed progress reports

Teachers and administrators can see at a glance what their students have completed, what they scored, and how long it took them.

Information is available both on screen and via a CSV report.

Accredited content with certificates

All SLC’s medical English and exam preparation materials are accredited and certificated by the CPD Standards Office in the UK and/or NOCN, one of the leading accreditation bodies in the UK. All are endorsed by EALTHY, the global association for English for healthcare teachers. SLC is an approved NOCN international training centre. Certificates can be co-branded.

Your branded learning platform

All institutions get a branded area on the Learning Management System, where their students, teachers and administrators access the materials.

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The world’s leading provider of digital medical English and exam preparation materials to healthcare educators worldwide.

  • Clinical communication skills
  • Profession-specific courses for medicine, nursing, pharmacy and more
  • Cross-sector courses in medical terminology and grammar in healthcare
  • Medical academic language skills
  • Writing for publication
  • OET and IELTS preparation 

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