Specialist Language Courses


Why we do what we do

Why we do what we do

Language empowers. Language creates access, opportunity and possibility.

Language education matters. In a globalised world, knowing languages and using them effectively enables people to work and study in other countries, to experience and understand other cultures, to build and join networks, make new friendships and fall in love across borders.

At SLC we work with the global healthcare sector and we work digitally.

Why healthcare?

We teach English to healthcare professionals and students – doctors, nurses, pharmacists, carers – who travel to work and study in other countries, care for international patients in their home countries, and participate in international healthcare projects.

We teach them the English used in healthcare – communicating with patients and colleagues, medical terminology, hospital terms, and the language used in research. And we teach them to pass the tests they need to register in English-speaking countries, primarily OET and IELTS, so facilitating international movement and enabling global healthcare staffing shortages to be better addressed.

Healthcare is a sector which makes a difference to everyone impacted by it, from cradle to grave. Doctors and nurses are everyday miracle workers. Pharmacists produce drugs that improve and prolong lives. Carers look after the ill, the infirm, the confused, the elderly, giving them lives that would not be possible otherwise.

When we help healthcare professionals to communicate effectively, work where there is need, and provide invaluable support to overstretched healthcare systems such as here in the UK, we contribute to the care received by patients and their families around the world.

Why healthcare?

Why digital?

We publish Medical English courses online. We teach groups and individuals in online classrooms.

Digital gives us reach that would not be possible in any other way. Digital allows us to work with students, professionals and those teachers using our courses wherever they are. Our learners are in every country imaginable.

Medical English is difficult to write and OET and IELTS are difficult to teach, especially to the levels required by healthcare regulatory bodies. Digital enables us to connect expert writers and teachers with those who need their help most.

Digital means that learners no longer need to travel to training centres, so saving time and reducing environmental impact.

Digital offers incredible flexibility. SLC teachers are around the world so we can meet the most challenging of timetables. Online content can easily be rearranged, added to and edited, so allowing us to create courses that meet the specific needs of institutions and individuals wherever they are.

Providing digital English language education to the global healthcare sector enables us to make a positive and lasting contribution to the professionals and students who take our courses and to the hundreds of thousands of patients and their families who benefit from the care they receive.