Specialist Language Courses

One-to-One IELTS Preparation

Targeted, effective IELTS lessons

SLC prepares hundreds of IELTS test candidates every year to achieve the IELTS scores they need for study or professional reasons.

SLC’s IELTS tutors are highly-experienced exam preparation specialists and many of them are ex-examiners.

Lessons take place online using award-winning classroom software, which allows you to have lessons wherever you are. No more walking or taking buses to school!

Courses are based on detailed needs analysis and/or pre-course testing. Timetables are flexible. Materials are provided and target what you need to focus on.

Courses include practice IELTS tests, so you practice with an expert who gives you the feedback you need to perform at your best in the exam.

Our IELTS tutors know the test inside out and will tell you when you are ready to sit the official test.

How online IELTS preparation works:

  • Needs analysis and level assessment
    We ask you to complete a form describing your current skills level in detail, including any past IELTS results, and asking you to do a piece of test-focused writing. This means we can plan your course in advance, so you start learning in your first lesson.
  • Tutor assignment
    Your tutor is assigned to match your availability and any specific learning needs you have. Lessons are online, so you just need a PC or laptop and a good internet connection. Tutors are given a detailed briefing on your course.
  • IELTS lessons
    One-to-one lessons last 60 minutes. They are designed around your needs, language level and test skills. They may include detailed feedback on how to improve their writing, reading skills development, practice Speaking tests, or lessons on exam techniques, for example.

At the end of your course, your tutor tells you how ready you are to take the official test. They give you a study plan to make sure you are as prepared as you can be.

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