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Do you prepare students for the IELTS test but have trouble finding good materials to support your programmes?

IELTS for Universities and Schools

Reach IELTS is an online course that both supports tutor-led courses and offers students independent study that can add real value to an institution’s IELTS portfolio.

Reach IELTS is not a bank of resources nor a series of practice tests. It takes learners through the Academic version of the test paper by paper, question by question, giving clear step by step guidance on how to achieve a high score in IELTS.

Reach IELTS is used by IELTS preparation providers such as university language departments and English language schools. It is used in blended courses and also provides schools and test centres with online options for those students unable to attend face-to-face classes.

There are 2 complete practice tests, written by a highly experienced test writer and taken under timed conditions. Writing and Speaking answers are recorded for teachers to review and mark. SLC provide additional practice tests where required.

The course is up to date and highly engaging, using the multi-media tools that today’s learners expect.

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Who wrote the course?

The course was written by Annelie Phillips, a highly experienced IELTS teacher, teacher trainer, materials writer and ex-examiner. As a teacher on SLC’s IELTS preparation courses, Annelie consistently achieved excellent result and feedback. Her materials and methods are tried and tested.

How is the course used?

Because it is digital, teachers can work with the course both interactively with their students in the classroom or outside as self-study or part of a flipped classroom programme. As a modular course, teachers can pick and choose which elements to include at which time. Students can also take Reach IELTS as a complementary course. SLC provides free teacher guides and teacher training to educators.

Are the courses accredited?

Yes. The courses are all accredited by the CPD Standards Office in the UK. CPD accreditation is recognised internationally as a mark of quality for courses around the world. Each student receives a CPD-stamped certificate on course completion.

How do teachers track student progress?

With your login, you can pull detailed reports on what your students have done and how well. You can review student answers on an individual basis, giving you real insight into your students’ work.

Can the courses be ‘white-labelled’ and customised for educational institutions?

Yes. We create your space on the Learning Management System with your look, so your students see the course as an integral part of their programme. And as the course is digital, the units can be rearranged, edited, added to or removed to match your curriculum. We can add school-specific material, such as exam guides.

What platform do you use?

We work with Avallain AG, the industry-leading educational technology company working with global language publishers such as Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and National Geographic Learning. The platform is constantly updated to give students the best learning experience.

Avallain Platform

Our courses


50 hours of focused test prep, covering essential language, techniques and test strategies to score a 6 or above in the Academic IELTS test. Includes 2 full practice tests, paper-specific tasks, video, audio and recording tasks. B2 level.

IELTS Practice Test

4 x IELTS Academic practice tests. Written by experienced IELTS test writer, each test includes all 4 papers. To be taken online under timed conditions.

Online preparation materials for the IELTS Academic Test. Reach IELTS Writing provides outstanding online content for the IELTS Academic Writing paper.

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