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Partner with us to support international candidates and staff in your NHS Trust through OET and IELTS preparation, clinical communication skills development, OSCE preparation, and Living and Working in the UK courses. 

Comprehensive English language and communication services for NHS employers.

SLC has provided language and communication skills to over 55 NHS Trusts, ICBs, ICSs, and NHS England.

Support your candidates with OET Nursing and OET Medicine preparation, IELTS preparation, OSCE training and Orientation for Living and Working in the NHS and the UK.

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Case study - best practice OET preparation for NHS Trusts

SLC has provided over 25,000 hours of tutored online training to groups of healthcare professionals at over 50 Trusts, preparing them to achieve the OET and IELTS scores needed to register in the UK.

This case study describes an OET preparation course at Ashford & St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in Middlesex where 5 out of 6 participants achieved NMC requirements at first sitting. The organisation and delivery of the course and the results achieved are an excellent example of best practice and provide a clear model for a successful training programme.

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The brochure outlines SLC’s language and communication services provided to NHS Trusts and healthcare employers across the UK.

They include OET and IELTS preparation courses for internationally qualified healthcare professionals wanting to register; Clinical English Communication and Medical English courses for international staff; preparation for the Nursing OSCE; and Living and Working in the UK courses.

Courses can consist of closed group classes, one-to-one coaching, and guided self-study, or a combination tailored to the specific needs, schedules and budgets.

All courses are delivered online, are fully up-to-date and optimised for all devices, including mobile phones, so offering convenience and flexibility. 

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OET and IELTS Training for OTNs and HCAs

Hidden Talent is a new guide from OET which provides practical guidance on how to implement an upskilling programme for internationally educated nurses –  from preparing a business case, to getting the English right, to celebrating success, and SLC is part of this as a key contributor.

Our courses

These unique courses support overseas-trained healthcare professionals achieve OET and IELTS, improve their clinical communication skills, prepare nurses for their OSCE, and give nurses and AHPs relocating from other countries essential practical knowledge and tips on living and working in the UK.

These unique courses support overseas-trained nurses achieve OET and improve their clinical communication skills. The courses prepare them for their OSCE and gives those nurses relocating from other countries essential practical knowledge and tips on living and working in the UK.

OSCE Preparation

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Refugee Doctors Achieve GMC English Language Requirements With SLC And RefuAid

OET Preparation For Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

English Language And Communication Skills Services For The NHS

OET Hidden Talent

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SLC works with individual NHS Trusts and Health Boards, ICBs and ICSs, NHS England and international healthcare recruitment companies to prepare doctors and nurses from around the world to pass OET, develop their professional language skills, and prepare to work in the UK, US, Canada, Ireland, Australia and other English-speaking countries.

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