Specialist Language Courses

Language Training for Refugees

Language Training for Refugees

Online English language programmes for refugees

Language empowers. Language creates access, opportunity and possibility.

“Language education matters. In a globalised world, knowing languages and using them effectively enables people to work and study in other countries, to experience and understand other cultures, to build and join networks, make new friendships and fall in love across borders.”

These words are from our statement of purpose and for us, nothing highlights this truth more than the work we do with refugees in the UK.

We support refugee healthcare professionals by giving free access to our online medical English courses and by teaching them to pass the English language tests required to work in the UK.

We support refugees with little or no English by teaching them the language they need to find work and integrate into their communities.

Tuition takes place in SLC’s online classrooms, so enabling our expert teachers to work with students around the country, many of whom cannot get to traditional classrooms because of childcare commitments or inadequate public transport, for example.

While the refugees we work with have incredibly different stories to tell of how they came to the UK, they are united in their wish to settle here, get to know their neighbours and contribute to their communities and the wider nation.

English for refugee healthcare professionals

English for refugee healthcare professionals

We work in partnership with RefuAid to support doctors and nurses. We

  1. Give free access to all online medical English courses
  2. Give free access to all online OET and IELTS test preparation courses
  3. Give free places on our online open group OET preparation for nurses programmes
  4. Give at-cost tailored online OET and IELTS tutoring to closed groups of doctors

Read the case study ‘Refugee doctors achieve GMC English language requirements’

English for employability

English for employability

We work in partnership with Maximpact to develop the English of refugees with little or no English so they can integrate into local communities and enter the workforce. We:

  1. Give at-cost tailored online lessons to closed groups of refugees, from absolute beginner to elementary to intermediate level
  2. Develop bespoke English language curricula – including essential literacy, English for life skills, English for the workplace, CV writing and interview skills
  3. Develop bespoke assessment services – delivered pre, during and post-course

Maximpact provide excellent pathways to work, including job applications and interviews with local employers.

As a result, graduates from the programme are now successfully working in hospitality, retail and care.

Read the case study ‘MAXIMPACT & SLC's Online Language Training Helps Syrian Refugees Build New Lives in the UK’