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OET Writing Correction Service

Worried about your writing? We can help!

When you book an OET Writing Correction, we send you an OET Writing task complete with a full set of Case Notes. You then write your answer – a referral letter using the information in the notes – ideally under timed conditions.

When you have finished, send your answer to us for marking by one of our OET specialists, all of whom have been through the OET Premium Preparation Programme. They will mark it and give you detailed feedback. They analyse your errors and tell you what you need to improve, so you can perform at your best in the OET test.

The OET Writing Correction Service is for both doctors and nurses. Tell us your profession when you book, and we will send you the correct OET Writing Paper, either OET Medicine or OET Nursing.

The OET Writing Correction Service will help you do your best in the actual OET test. Receiving detailed feedback and error correction on your written work will enable you to prepare with confidence to achieve an OET Grade B.

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your course includes:
Real OET tasks
Detailed feedback
OET specialists
for Nurses

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Want to work with an OET trainer?

You can combine OET Writing Correction with one-to-one OET coaching, one of our open group OET courses, or Reach OET B self-study to get the personal feedback and input you need to do your best in the test.