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OET Preparation Materials For Universities & Schools

Do you prepare students for OET Medicine or OET Nursing but have trouble finding good materials to support your programmes?

SLC’s OET preparation courses for medicine and nursing are designed to support teachers and their OET students wherever they are.

They can be integrated into teacher-led courses or taken as independent study by candidates before they take the test.

The materials are used by OET preparation providers around the world to support their work with doctors and nurses preparing for OET Medicine and OET Nursing.

As the materials are digital, they provide schools with online options for those students unable to attend face-to-face classes.

The materials are customisable – some partners only use certain sections for example while others also add the English for Doctors and Nurses courses to support lower level learners. 

All content is on a branded institution-specific area of the platform, where teachers can see student activity in detail, set assignments, leave feedback and pull reports.

The courses are regularly updated as we receive feedback from partners and students. They are available on any device and are highly engaging, using the multi-media tools that today’s learners expect.

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Fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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We talk to you about your needs, show you the courses and teaching platform, and make an agreement.

Step 3

We create a personalised platform for your institution with everything you need to know about how it works.

Step 4

You give access to your teachers and students so the materials can be used. Our academic team can provide induction sessions if you wish. We provide access to updates and ongoing technical support at no extra cost.

Outstanding OET materials for your students

OET Practice test

OET Practice tests

Online mock tests written by official exam writers

English for Dotors

Advanced Communication Skills

English for Nurses

Getting the Essentials Right


About the materials

The courses are typically used by teachers either as digital classroom materials or as study to be done outside lessons using a flipped classroom approach.

Teachers and students both have access to the materials, and activities are done on the school’s area of the LMS. This allows teachers to see student work, set assignments and leave feedback. Teachers can view student scores ‘at a glance’ and reset answers where they need. 

Materials include a wide range of targeted OET content – paper by paper, question by question, with analysis and plenty of practice test questions. Students learn the language, test techniques and strategies they need to maximise their score in OET. 

Study content is well-organised, clearly structured and highly engaging throughout. It includes lots of different input and activity types, including video lessons, practice tests, skills development, grammar for OET, and are very visual.

The activities are highly interactive, so students remain engaged. They range from voice recording to dragging words into sentences to categorising ideas, writing texts and comparing them with model answers, highlighting and analysing answers, choosing options, matching images, and writing in correct phrases.

Courses are designed to work seamlessly across all devices, including mobile phones via the course app.

Yes. As courses are digital, the units can be rearranged, edited, added to or removed to match your curriculum. We can add in other materials from other courses, such as grammar for healthcare, medical terminology, English for Doctors, English for Nurses or English for Medical Academic Purposes. Just arrange a call to go through what you need.

Download Sechenov case study

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Yes. The OET Preparation courses are accredited by the CPD Standards Office (CPDSO) in the UK. CPD accreditation is recognised internationally as a mark of quality for courses around the world. Each student can receive a CPD-stamped certificate on course completion. This can be co-branded with your school should you wish.

CPDSO quality assures continuing professional development (CPD) across a very wide range of sectors. With accredited providers in over 40 countries, CPDSO works with hundreds of training providers, educational organisations and employers.

With their login, teachers can see at a glance what their students have done and what they scored. They can then analyse each student’s work in detail, viewing each completed screen. In this way, teachers can see each answer – correct and incorrect – as well as read any texts written by students and listen to any voice recordings they have made. 

Yes. We create your space on the Learning Management System with your unique url and brand (logos, colours, website and social media links), so your students see the courses as an integral part of their programme. This extends throughout all the courses teachers and students use and works seamlessly across all devices used by teachers and students. This areas can only be used by your institution.

We work with Avallain AG, the industry-leading educational technology company working with global language publishers such as Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and National Geographic Learning. The platform is constantly updated to give students the best learning experience.

You can divide your students into groups and assign them particular courses. You can set them specific assignments, either from the OET courses or from something you upload and share. You can leave feedback for students on their pages. And, if you want, you can even schedule online meetings via the integrated web-conferencing facility.

The teaching platform is clean, intuitive and easy to use. Every teacher has a dashboard where they see the courses they are using and the groups they are teaching. There are easy ways to view student progress, pull reports, set and receive assignments. 

If you would a tour of the teaching platform, just get in touch and we’ll arrange one at your convenience. 

The courses are written by both industry-leading authors and experienced English language professionals. They combine a strong understanding of the healthcare sector with a rigorous approach to language acquisition. They are academically strong, based on extensive research and regularly reviewed to keep up to date.

The main OET courses are written by Virginia Allum, SLC’s Head of Medical English. Virginia has been writing for OET since 2011, is an official test writer and co-author of the Cambridge University Press OET preparation course. Virginia works closely with the OET academic team which enables her to make sure SLC’s courses are up-to-date at all times.

Yes, absolutely, Just get in touch and let us know which materials you are interested in using. We’ll give you access to the courses so you can see if they are suitable for you, your teachers and your students. 

Ask us anything. Anytime.

Speak to us directly and get advice on how you can use the online materials in your institution. We can go through what you’re looking for, answer any questions you have, and share with you how other institutions use the materials. Just complete the form below to get in touch. All fields with an * are required.

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