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OET Listening

OET Listening is tricky. You listen to consultations, workplace conversations and talks on a variety of healthcare topics.

There is a variety of accents, different question types and you have to use different skills, such as identifying specific details, opinions, the gist of what the speaker says or their purpose when talking.

This course gives you essential techniques and language as well as plenty of test practice.

There are 3 parts to the Listening paper.

In Part A you listen to 2 extracts from consultations between a healthcare professional and a patient, each lasting around 5 minutes. You then complete the professional’s notes with details from the information you hear. The professional may be any one of the 12 professions who can take OET.  

In Part B, you listen to 6 short workplace texts, such as an extract from a handover or briefing, and answer a multiple-choice question on each one. The topics should be familiar to healthcare professionals, but it’s important to know what to expect before taking the test.  

In Part C, you listen to 2 extracts from a presentation or an interview and answer 6 multiple-choice questions on each. The topics are chosen so they are equally accessible to all professions. They are of general medical interest and present a range of attitudes and opinions about a topic.

There are 42 marks available in the Listening test. Part A has 24 marks, Part B has 6 marks, and Part C has 12 marks. To achieve a B grade, you will typically need to score at least 30 marks.

To do this, you need a clear understanding of the different types of listening text in the three parts, the question formats, a wide range of healthcare vocabulary, and a command of listening techniques such as understanding gist, opinion and inference.

SLC’s OET Listening course, taken from our hugely popular Reach OET B course, prepares you to achieve a high score. You work on a combination of carefully structured language and test-based tasks, video tips and lesson recordings. You listen to a wide range of texts, answer practice test questions and develop your listening skills.

Want to work with a Listening expert? You can book 5 one-to-one lessons with an experienced OET teacher who will work on your listening skills and make suggestions for improvement so you can maximise your score. 


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OET Listening

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The course includes two full mock tests where you practice OET Listening under timed conditions.

Test practice

Test questions are integrated into all the units, so you really see what you need to do in the real exam.

Develop the language strategies you need

The course shows you how to develop OET-specific listening skills and techniques.

Learn the language you need

Vocabulary and grammar are integrated throughout covering key language of healthcare.


Over 10 videos presented by our experienced OET Trainer Jo Langford available to view on demand.

A properly structured and sequenced course

You can see what you’re learning, how it all fits together and what you have achieved at the end.

Dynamic multi-media learning

The course is highly visual with many videos, different tasks and activities.


Enter the test centre with the knowledge, language and techniques you need to take the Listening test with confidence and achieve a high score.

Virginia Allum

This course has been written by a team of accredited OET Trainers under the guidance of Virginia Allum. Virginia wrote SLC’s Medical English courses and is SLC’s Head of Medical English. She is a lecturer in English for Medical Purposes, a Medical English teacher trainer, and a widely published writer. Virginia co-authored the Cambridge OET Preparation book and the Cambridge English for Nursing text books, used by Medical universities around the world.