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An Introduction to Medical Humanities

Medical Humanities

This course, written by EALTHY founder Catherine Richards, is an essential introduction to the world of Medical Humanities – what it is and how it can be used to develop your English classes and engage your students.

This 10-hour professional development course consists of video explainers from experts, a range of texts and reflective tasks, case studies, and multiple links to useful resources. At the end of the course, you will be asked to write a lesson plan using what you have learnt and think about how you can apply it to your students. You can share this assignment with your colleagues or send to an EALTHY expert who will give you personalised feedback and advice.

You can study the course in your own time or incorporate it into your team’s development programme. 

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Catherine Richards

Catherine Richards Golini currently works as a medical editor and as a teacher of English for medical purposes in Switzerland.

She is the founder of EALTHY, the leading association for teachers of medical English and organiser of the biannual English for Healthcare Conference. She conducts research into the language of healthcare communication, especially of patient information materials, and also works as a Plain Language consultant for publishers in the UK. Catherine holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics from Swansea University and is an avid reader of good fiction, poetry and gardening books.