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This online English for Doctors course enables you to learn the English you need to study and work in an English-speaking healthcare environment, network internationally and keep up with research published in English.

The course takes you through the language used throughout the patient journey, from admission to interview, tests, diagnosis, treatment, surgery and end-of-life care. The 13 units cover medical terminology, patient and staff interactions, hospital language and documents, research articles, and much more. At the end of each unit there is a quiz for you to check you have learnt the most important language.

During the course, you study all aspects of medical language, including vocabulary, communication, pronunciation, grammar and functional skills. There is a very wide range of activities, including interactive recording where you record and listen to yourself in conversation with a patient. The course has a strong practical focus and is regularly reviewed so the content is always relevant and up to date.

You can use the course wherever you have an internet connection. The different inputs and activities are short and focused, so even 10 minutes will be enough to learn some useful language.


This English for Doctors course is accredited and certificated by the CPD Standards Office in the UK (CPDSO) and NOCN Group.

CPDSO quality assures continuing professional development (CPD) across a very wide range of sectors, with accredited providers in over 40 countries. CPD certificates are for 80 points and are free on course completion.

NOCN Group is a leading UK Awarding Organisation, operating in over 20 different countries, with over 2,000 approved training centres delivering qualifications and certificates to over 250,000 learners a year. If you would like an NOCN certificate, there is a fee of £20 to be paid when you finish your course.

OET Preparation

The English for Doctors course is also excellent preparation for OET Medicine, required by regulatory bodies for doctors registering to work in English-speaking countries such as the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Ireland. It provides the language foundation that those studying for OET Medicine need. The course can be combined with SLC’s Reach OET B Medicine.

99% of doctors and medical students who have taken this course would recommend it to others (information correct August 2021).

Academic and technical support

Throughout the course, we are here to answer your questions, whether they are about the content or if you have a technical issue when accessing the course. If you would like to work with a teacher to support your learning, practise the language and give you personalised feedback, then check out the PRO and PREMIUM options below.


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Virginia Allum

Virginia wrote SLC’s Medical English courses and is SLC’s Head of Medical English. She is a lecturer in English for Medical Purposes, a Medical English teacher trainer, and a widely published writer, including co-authoring the Cambridge English for Nursing text books, used by Medical universities around the world. Virginia Allum is also a practising Registered Nurse, with years of practice in the UK and Australia.