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SLC offers a unique set of OET preparation services designed specifically for you.


We work with hundreds of doctors every year, as well as employers and international healthcare recruitment companies.

SLC is the official OET preparation provider to the national NHS England International GP Recruitment Programme.

We understand the challenges doctors face when taking training, including unpredictable work schedules and not being able to easily get to a training centre. We also understand the key challenges doctors face when preparing for OET and what you need to do to achieve the grades – typically four Bs – you require.

Our courses

English for Doctors Course

Online English for Doctors Course

Advanced Communication Skills

Online OET Practice Test

Online Preparation

OET Reading

Online OET Reading Course

Online Preparation

Online OET Speaking Course

Online Preparation

OET Listening

Online OET Listening Course

Online Preparation

OET Writing

Online OET Writing Course

Online Preparation

About the courses

Programmes are therefore both flexible and targeted. Lessons take place on Zoom, allowing you to work with an expert OET tutor when you are available. Courses are online, so you can access them from wherever you are. Content is exam-focused, so you quickly learn the strategies, techniques and language you need to perform at your best.

These options can be combined to maximise your chances of success in OET.

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