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Online English for Care

Online English for Care

This English for Care course is for anyone wanting to build a strong foundation in the English needed for nursing and care.

SLC’s English for Care course teaches the English needed to communicate effectively with patients and with other healthcare professionals at work. The course includes essential medical terminology, interactions with patients and nurses, and the English needed in multiple care scenarios.

Topics in the English for Care course include managing pain, pressure area care, dealing with falls, mental health issues, infection control, dealing with elderly patients, taking observations, and managing daily activities, such as toileting, food, drink and moving around.

The course contains extensive multi-media inputs and activities. You learn a wide range of language, including vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and communication skills.

Learn where and when you want

You can use the course wherever you have an internet connection. The different inputs and activities are short and focused, so even 10 minutes will be enough to learn some useful language.

CPD accredited

Online English for Care is accredited by the CPD Standards Office in the UK. On finishing the course, you receive a formal CPD Standards certificate for 48 CPD hours or points, accepted internationally and across multiple professional sectors.

Academic and technical support

Throughout the course, we are here to answer your questions, whether they are about the content or if you have a technical issue when accessing the course.

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