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IELTS Preparation Courses for Healthcare Employers

Do you have international nurses or doctors in your organisation who need IELTS to register and practice?

IELTS Preparation Courses for Healthcare Employers
Medical Healthcare Employer

Are you recruiting from overseas and need IELTS preparation for your candidates as part of the process?

SLC works with NHS Trusts and Health Boards, Health Education England, NHS England (International GP Recruitment Programme) and international healthcare recruitment companies to prepare doctors and nurses from around the world to pass IELTS.

IELTS programmes are designed for groups and individuals. They cover the full test or focus on the one or two papers needed to achieve the scores required by regulatory bodies to work in the UK, Ireland and other English-speaking countries.

We have worked with hundreds of healthcare professionals and have achieved excellent pass rates. Programmes are tried and tested, flexible enough to meet specific organisational needs, and pass rates are among the best in the UK.

Personalise your Platform with SLC

Why SLC?

SLC specialises in working with healthcare organisations. We work closely with employers to create tailored IELTS programmes for their staff and new recruits.

Through the multiple programmes we have run since IELTS was recognised by the GMC and NMC in the UK, we understand the logistical challenges of working with organisations and learners around the world. We provide the flexibility needed to integrate programmes with shift patterns, long working hours and busy healthcare environments.

As online training specialists, our expert IELTS teachers work with candidates wherever they may be – from the UK and Europe to the Gulf, the Indian sub-continent and Asia.

How does an SLC IELTS programme work?

It starts with a conversation. We talk through the international nurses or doctors you have in mind, along with any considerations you have around logistics and programme support. We discuss training options.

These might include initial level assessment, potential hours of tuition, self-study courses and individual coaching, for example. We then create a proposal for you to read through, ask questions of, and adjust where necessary. When we have agreement, the programme will start when you want it to.

Throughout the programme, you will be kept up-to-date on progress, assessment results, attendance, study completion and any other issues which may impact on success. We work closely with you to ensure the success of any IELTS preparation course your candidates undertake.

What support do you provide for organisations?

You receive weekly reports on key success criteria and have review meetings with the SLC academic team to discuss progress, the results of pre-scheduled mock tests and the feedback we receive from your candidates and their teacher. We work through any issues together to resolve them quickly and effectively. You have direct contact with both.

How do I know if our candidates are making progress?

Progress is closely tracked via the weekly reports, the study plans the candidates follow, the feedback from the teacher and the results of the mock tests. You will know if your candidates are on track.

Who are the teachers?

All SLC’s IELTS teachers are qualified and experienced IELTS preparation teachers. Many are also ex-examiners and materials writers. All of them receive ongoing CPD and mentoring from the SLC academic team.

What happens if someone doesn’t pass?

IELTS is a high-pressure, high-stakes test. Candidates have to perform at a high level to achieve the scores required by regulatory bodies such as the NMC or GMC. SLC pass rates are high, but for those who don’t succeed on the day, we have tailored options to support them towards taking a second test. These include individual study plans and/or additional coaching. We want everyone to succeed and will work with you to achieve this.

Avallain Platform

Our courses

IELTS Preparation for Nurses – Closed Group Tuition 

Nurses can take one-to-one or small group lessons. For group lessons, nurses should have a similar level and objective, for example to improve their Writing test scores.


50 hours of focused test prep, covering essential language, techniques and test strategies to score a 6 or above in the Academic IELTS test. Includes 2 full practice tests, paper-specific tasks, video, audio and recording tasks. B2 level.

One-to-one IELTS Preparation for Nurses

IELTS Preparation for Individuals. Targeted, effective IELTS lessons. Courses are based on detailed needs analysis and/or pre-course testing. Timetables are flexible. 

One-to-one IELTS Preparation for Doctors

SLC prepares doctors to achieve the IELTS scores they need to register with regulatory bodies such as the General Medical Council (GMC) in the UK.

IELTS Practice Test

4 x IELTS Academic practice tests. Written by experienced IELTS test writer, each test includes all 4 papers. To be taken online under timed conditions.

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