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Prepare for your IELTS test with SLC’s online IELTS Practice Tests.

The SLC IELTS Academic practice tests were written by an experienced IELTS test writer. They replicate a full IELTS test and accurately assess your score as if you were to sit an actual test.

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About the course

When you login, the timer starts. You have 30 minutes for the Listening and 60 minutes for the Reading. The format and question types are the same as you would expect to see in an official IELTS test. The listening automatically plays. You cannot pause the audio track or listen to it again.

When you have finished, you have some time to check your answers. When you are happy or when the timer is up, you submit your answers. You then see your scores on the Results pages, along with grade we predict you would score.

When you login to the IELTS Writing paper, the timer starts. You answer two tasks, just as in the official test. You have 60 minutes to write your answers. You cannot stop the timer. At the end you submit your answers.

An examiner then marks your texts. They mark both answers using the official IELTS writing criteria: (1) task response (2) coherence and cohesion (3) lexical resource (4) grammatical range and accuracy.

IELTS Speaking tests take place on Zoom. SLC schedules the Speaking test with you and an examiner at a convenient time. At the agreed time, you login and you have an interview following the same format as the official test. The test takes between 11 and 14 minutes.

At the end, the examiner marks you using the official IELTS Speaking criteria: (1) fluency and coherence (2) lexical resource (3) grammatical range and accuracy (4) pronunciation.

The IELTS practice tests were written by Anthony Cosgrove, an experienced IELTS test item writer, who also writes IELTS material for Cambridge University Press and the British Council.

You receive a test report which shows all four scores, including the Writing and Speaking criteria. You also get an overall band score.

As long as you take the test in a quiet space where you are not disturbed, then your scores will reflect your level.

The tests were written by an experienced IELTS test writer, so you know the content is very similar to an actual test.

Taking a practice test is an excellent way to see your current IELTS level and your strengths and weaknesses. You then know where to focus your study and practice before taking the official test.

Reach IELTS: If you need any help with your IELTS studies, we offer both self-study and private lessons.

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