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AS early diagnosis – 30 Minute Worksheet

Orthopedist pointing on human spine model in clinic, closeup
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Teacher Notes

  • Level: B2 C1

  • Sector: medicine, nursing, other

  • Medical Area: symptoms, diseases and conditions, treatment and medication, other

  • Skill focus: reading, vocabulary, pronunciation

Student worksheet

Part 1: Vocabulary

Match the terms with their correct meanings.

algorithm ankylosing         arthritis                 data sensitivity         enthesitis     
model                 prediction           prevalence          spondylitis                uveitis           


  1. _____________: inflammation of the sites where tendons or ligaments insert
    into the bone
  2. _____________: inflammation of the middle layer of the eye
  3. _____________: simple description of a system or process that can be used
     to predict what might happen
  4. _____________: the fact that something is very common or happens often
  5. _____________: set of mathematical instructions that will help a computer
                                     calculate an answer to a problem

Download the complete lesson:

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