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IELTS Preparation Courses for Test Centres

Are you an IELTS test centre looking for IELTS preparation courses for your candidates?

Are you an IELTS test centre?

This 50-hour online course offers your candidates fast and flexible preparation before they take their IELTS exam.

Test centre platform

Test centres offering Reach IELTS receive their own platform design through which candidates access the course, so it integrates seamlessly into their brand offer. Detailed course reporting and tracking is integrated.

Partner pricing

We provide attractive test centre discounts to the Reach IELTS course, so offering you an easy revenue stream.

Personalise your Platform with SLC

Why SLC?

SLC works in partnership with test centres worldwide who offer our online OET courses to their candidates to support them in getting the best possible grade. The course has been used by hundreds of candidates and training centres and receives consistently excellent feedback.

This unique online course is divided into the four IELTS papers, Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking, and is highly test-focused. Learners quickly get to know the format of the test, the language they need to perform well, and essential test techniques and strategies.

There are two complete practice tests, written by a highly experienced test writer and taken under timed conditions, so candidates can really see how they might perform in the official test. Writing and Speaking answers are recorded so your teachers can review and mark them if you wish.

The course is dynamic and interactive, with multiple activities, video and audio inputs and expert insights. The course includes practice test questions and answers for every part.

What our clients say

“The course was really helpful. I found speaking part is quite interesting. The speaker in the videos was really helpful.“
Roudi Chacho

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Annelie Phillips

Annelie Phillips is a highly experienced IELTS trainer, materials writer and examiner. Having successfully prepared 100s of learners to achieve high scores in the IELTS Academic test, Annelie understands exactly what candidates need to do to perform at their best in the test.