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Is “overworking” OK? – 30 Minute Worksheet

Overworked nurse

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Part 1: Vocabulary

Before you read the article, check your understanding of the vocabulary terms. Complete the definitions using terms from the vocabulary list.

  • to overwork
  • to call time on something 
  • a culture of… 
  • poor time management
  • service provision 
  • be short-staffed 
  • leave someone in the lurch
  • a run of something
  1. __________________________________: abandon someone without helping them
  2. __________________________________:stay in your shift after it has ended
  3. __________________________________:take action about something
  4. __________________________________: behaviour of a group or institution
  5. __________________________________: inefficient use of time
  6. __________________________________: not have enough staff for a shift
  7. _____________________________: something which happens one after another
  8. _____________________________: giving people something they need

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