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Lesson Plan: Lung Infections

Lung Infections
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In this lesson, students learn the vocabulary they need to describe the lungs and lung infections. It includes speaking, vocabulary and reading (a patient leaflet) activities.

B1 level

Teacher Notes

●    Topic: lung infections

●    Timing: 30–50 minutes

●    Lesson Type/Focus: speaking, vocabulary and reading


●      Speaking: discuss respiratory symptoms and parts of the lungs

●      Vocabulary: learn and review language for the lungs and lung infections

●      Reading: read for specific information


The focus of this lesson is the lungs and lung infections. The speaking activity introduces the topic and gives students the opportunity to share their ideas and experience. The vocabulary activities introduce/review key vocabulary. The reading activity contextualises some of this language and practises reading for specific information.

Note: This lesson supports the language introduced in the following:

●       Course: English for Care

●       Unit: Infection Control

●       Module: ‘Talking about chest infections’ pages 4, 9 and 10

Teaching Guide & Answer Key

Part 1: speaking

Put students into pairs or small groups and ask them to discuss questions 1 and 2 on the student worksheet. Encourage them to share examples from their own experience.

Do whole class feedback to discuss and share answers.

Suggested answers

What do you know about the anatomy of the lungs?
Students’ answers may include:

two lungs, right lung has three lobes, left lung has two lobes

organs of respiration

consist of an airway tube (bronchus) and alveoli (gas exchange; oxygen and carbon dioxide)
lungs are covered in a protective membrane (the pleura)


2. What respiratory symptoms do you know about?

Students’ answers may include:

coughing / dry cough / wet cough (bringing up sputum)


gasping for air
runny nose
snuffy nose

Download the complete lesson plan and student worksheet:


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