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Medical Gaslighting – 30 Minute Worksheet

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Teacher Notes

  • Level: B2 C1

  • Sector: medicine, nursing, other

  • Medical Area: symptoms, diseases and conditions, other

  • Skill focus: reading, listening, vocabulary, pronunciation

Student worksheet

Part 1: Speaking

Discuss questions 1–3 with your partner or group.

  1. How do medical professionals reach a diagnosis?
    2. How can misdiagnosis occur?
    3. What do you understand by the term gaslighting?

Part 2: vocabulary

You’re going to read an article about gaslighting in medicine. Before you read, match the words and idioms with their correct meanings.

1. staying power

a) imagined by a person, not real

2. (to) grapple

b) most important factor in a situation or decision

3. (to) gaslight

c) decide it isn’t useful or important

4. all in your head

d) try hard to solve a problem

5. hold water

e) not operating correctly or looking right

6. (to) write something off

f) the strength and determination to continue doing something until it is finished

7. out of whack

g) control or trick someone into believing things about themselves isn’t true

8. the bottom line

h) be true or factual

Download the complete lesson:

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