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Sunlight and Vitamin D – the Australian experience

Vitamin D

This B2-C1 reading, listening, vocabulary and pronunciation worksheet practises related to Sunlight and Vitamin D – the Australian experience.

Level: B2 C1  
Sector: medicine, nursing 
Medical Area: symptoms, diseases and conditions, other 
Skill focus: reading, listening, vocabulary/idiom, pronunciation, grammar 

Vocabulary check: Do you understanding the following terms?

Match the terms to their correct meanings. Draw a line from the term to the correct meaning.

 to slop on

be enough


unable to leave home, especially if unwell

circadian rhythm

inter-relationship between UV radiation and the body’s immune system


likely mistake or problem

deficient in

containing a substance that gives something a particular colour


moderate or light tan skin tone


lacking, not having enough of


make liquid come out of a container and put it on the skin

olive skin

way a person feels at particular time

to suffice

natural process that controls when sleeping and eating occur in a 24 hour period of time

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