Specialist Language Courses

1:1 and Small Group Online English Courses

Here’s an article about something we’re doing more of. Teaching. Online. While much of our work in the last 2 years has focused on producing online language learning materials – especially for Technical English such as Medical and Oil & Gas workers – we have steadily grown an army of specialist English language trainers who teach online English courses around the world. Teaching online enables lessons to take place wherever a learner has a half-decent internet connection.

SLC’s trainers prepare their learners for what can be life-changing experiences: an interview for a new job, relocation to another country, working in an international environment, or passing a vital exam. Our trainers give learners the language tools to perform with confidence and accuracy so they can achieve the outcomes they need.


Our English language courses are designed to specific needs, schedules and budgets. We work primarily with professionals with specific demands and busy schedules. Courses therefore tend to specialise in Technical, Business, Academic and Exam Preparation English courses, including IELTS.


Lessons are tailor-made. Each session has a clear focus, which when taken together fully prepares learners to achieve their goals. Learners are sent preparatory materials before each session. These may be articles to read, videos to watch or questions to research. The trainer will then discuss key learning points, provide language and cultural inputs, and demonstrate vital language strategies and techniques. Throughout the course, there is an emphasis on practical application of learning through on-going roleplay and feedback.


Sessions should be at least weekly in order to maintain learning momentum. Where time is short, the programme can be accelerated. We set schedules before a course commences, but keep the flexibility to change times where both participants and trainers agree.

Virtual Classroom

Training takes place in a virtual or digital classroom. SLC teachers are highly experienced online English language trainers who understand the best way to maximise the digital environment and get the most from their students. We work with Zoom, an award-winning platform used by universities and companies around the world, but can also work with Webex, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts and Skype.

Blended Learning

Virtual classroom training can be combined with self-study courses to create powerful blended programmes that work in tandem with busy working schedules. SLC’s self-access courses, for example, offer intensive language inputs, which can be practised in class through role play, discussion and feedback sessions. In this way, learners can read, watch videos, prepare a presentations using the online self-study, and the use the lessons to present, practise, experiment and learn from their teacher.

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