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3 Unbeatable Advantages of Being Bilingual

You can never understand one language until you understand at least two.
‒Geoffrey Willans

Communication is key, and languages are important precisely for this reason, to share our thoughts and feelings with others. The majority of the world’s population is, in fact, bilingual or multilingual, and this helps bridge the cultural gaps and learn more about one another, and the world in general. To know a second language is to know more about yourself and others.

Here are 3 key advantages of being bilingual:

  1. A bilingual person processes information about the environment more efficiently. An article by Cerebrum states that this may stem from the ability to focus on information about a new language whilst reducing any interference from languages already known. This allows the bilingual person to learn new words more easily compared to monolingual people, as their learning pathway is constantly broadened.
  2. The cognitive and neurological benefits of bilingualism also extend into older adulthood. Bilingualism maintains what is known as “cognitive reserve”, which refers to its use of brain function to strengthen brain performance during aging, consequently it acts as a defence mechanism against illnesses such as Alzheimer’s. A neurology study was conducted, during which data was collected from 211 consecutive patients diagnosed with probable Alzheimer disease (AD). Patients’ age at onset of cognitive impairment was recorded, as was information on occupational history, education, and language history, including fluency in English and any other languages. Following this procedure, 102 patients were classified as bilingual and 109 as monolingual. The result of this research showed that it is not gender nor age that confers protection against the onset of AD, but it is indeed bilingualism.
  3. Being able to speak a second language will also increase your employment options. With competition over jobs increasing, knowing a second language will put you among the top choices of any employer. Most businesses have branches and clients around the world and there is always a need for communication between them, therefore these companies consider bilingual employees to be essential to their business.

In conclusion, if any of these advantages are important to you, book your English course now and learn more about yourself and others!