Specialist Language Courses


Are you studying for the OET, and would you like to reach a grade B?

Then you may need help with one section of the test: reading, writing, listening or speaking.

Perhaps you feel weaker in one or two areas. Is reading more difficult than writing? Do you want to build your listening and speaking practice?

If that’s you, then SLC have four new courses for you: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Each one focuses on that part of the OET, so you can choose which section you want to improve the most.

For example, if you’re confident in your speaking, but feel weaker at your writing, you can now focus on writing only.

NEW OET Preparation Courses

Or maybe you want to practise for only the reading and listening parts of the test. You’ll be able to study for those, instead.

These lessons come from our popular Reach OET B courses for nurses and doctors, which cover every area. But now, if you don’t need to buy the complete package, you can study each section separately.

We’re improving our content all the time, so these courses are up-to-date with our latest activities.

You’ll get multi-media lessons, language strategies, and lots of test practice. There are videos for you to view on demand, and in the Speaking course you can hear how you sound for the role plays.

Each package includes two full mock tests, where you can record your answers and share them with a teacher. You can also book five one-to-one lessons with one of our experienced OET teachers. They’ll give you feedback and will show you how to improve your score.

If you’re a doctor or a nurse, and you want to get a Grade B for your OET exam, then we have the right course for you.