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7 out of 8 Simulated Surgery passes in January!

GPs on SLC’s Simulated Surgery preparation courses have always had strong results and we’ve had a great start to 2020. In January, 8 doctors took the test following tailored individual courses from SLC and 7 passed!

Simulated Surgery tests an overseas GP’s consulting and communication skills. In the assessment, a GP sees 12 different mock patients for 10-minute appointments each, covering a wide variety of scenarios designed to reflect a range of typical problems found in general practice.

We work with overseas GPs on NHS England’s International GP Recruitment programme to make sure their medical communication skills are strong enough to communicate effectively and empathically with patients – from gathering and eliciting information, to explaining diagnoses, managing a range of problems, dealing with upset and listening to concerns.

Courses are tailored to individuals, with coaching sessions scheduled around candidates’ availability.


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