Specialist Language Courses

Amazing February OET results from SLC candidates!

 Huge congratulations to all the nurses and doctors who passed OET first time in February on NHS-sponsored programmes.

So far, we have 15 out of 16 nurses and 5 out of 5 doctors, with more results still to come in. Achieving the OET scores required by the NMC and GMC is a vital step to being able to work in the UK and help alleviate the huge staff shortages at this crucial time.


“I really enjoyed my classes, Jo is a great teacher! I absolutely do not know what could be improved.”

Cristina, doctor, achieved 4 Bs, February 2020


“I would highly recommend SLC & my instructors – Bethan & Daniel to all those aspiring OET candidates. Their online classes are very structured, provided me with lots of practice, encouragement and constructive feedback! I’ve successfully passed my OET & this would never be possible without SLC support!!!”

Sojimol, nurse, achieved 4 Bs, February 2020