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Case Study – OET Trial Group


We’re delighted to announce that 5 out of 6 candidates from a trial group commissioned by OET passed the test first time.

OET asked SLC to design and deliver a 100-hour course to a group of 8 nurses, all of whom needed Grade B in the 4 papers of OET to register in the UK. 4 of the nurses were in the UK, 3 were in India and 1 was in the Philippines.

The nurses took classes in our online classroom with one of our senior OET trainers. Lessons were designed to be interactive, so nurses could work on writing tasks together, role play different scenarios, and support each other when improving test techniques and strategies.

We provided all the course materials, including our own Reach OET B Nursing study course and practice tests. Classes were held on a daily basis, and progress was monitored throughout.

The feedback from the nurses on the course content was overwhelmingly positive – they could really see how what they learnt could support them at work, especially when talking with patients and colleagues. Progress was steady throughout, and motivation levels remained high.

5 out of 6 first time passes is a fantastic result and a very encouraging sign that the NMC’s decision to recognise the OET was the right one. We’re looking forward to successfully preparing many more nurses to achieve what they need in the test and help support the NHS here in the UK.

Download the OET Case Study here:

Case Study Cover