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Dementia dogs

Grandmother with headscarf stroking dog

This B2-C1 reading, listening, vocabulary and pronunciation worksheet practises related to Dementia Dogs.

Level: B2 C1  
Sector: medicine, nursing 
Medical Area: symptoms, diseases and conditions, 
Skill focus: reading, listening, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar 

Vocabulary check: Do you understanding the following terms?

Match the terms to their correct meanings. Draw a line from the term to the correct meaning.

 animal-assisted therapy (AAT)

describes the way a person thinks


small-scale preliminary study before the main research is conducted


describes something that is almost the same as something else

pilot study

interaction with an animal as well as a therapist to explore feelings or put a person more at ease


action of being involved in a situation to improve it


dog that is trained to offer affection, comfort or support in a variety of settings


describes evaluation of the effectiveness of therapy before and after an intervention

therapy dog

any type of intervention that is not based on medication

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