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Eaquals Conference 2021

Eaquals is the world’s foremost international language education accreditation body. It sets the standards used by language schools and university language departments to assure the quality of the education they provide.

An Eaquals accreditation inspection is rigorous but also consultative and supportive, seeking to give education providers the knowledge, tools and skills to deliver best-practice language education whatever the setting – university, private school, online.

Chris MooreChris Moore, SLC’s Managing Director, has been on the Board of Trustees at Eaquals since April 2019. He sees at first hand the knowledge and expertise that the organisation stands for and brings to its membership.

Every year, at least until 2019, Eaquals has organised an annual conference for its members. Speakers have always included very well-known writers, teachers and thinkers from the language education sector. There has also always been an excellent social programme with plenty of opportunities for members to get to know each other, often establishing partnerships and friendships along the way.

While the 2020 conference was cancelled, Eaquals held virtual conferences in October and again in April 2021, keeping true to its commitment to providing the high-quality support to its membership. Attendance was high, with hundreds of delegates from around the world logging into sessions from speakers such as George Pickering, Chia Suan Chong, Sophia Mavridi, Martyn Clarke, and Eaquals founder Peter Brown.

Equals April 2021

Now travel restrictions are easing, Eaquals is holding a hybrid conference in Belfast, celebrating 30 years of excellence in language education. Members and sponsors are travelling to hear plenaries by Alan Maley, Dr Joanna Murphy, and Professor Rhona Sharp, attend multiple talks and workshops and network with each other in-person. As the conference is hybrid, those who cannot attend are able to log on and follow the conference from the comfort of their screens.

Chris was recently involved in the development of the accreditation scheme for online language education providers and is looking forward to bringing SLC through the process as one of the first adopters of the scheme. Chris will be in Belfast and is hugely looking forward to meeting delegates, Trustees, speakers and sponsors.

Equals conference


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