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English for Nurses 3rd edition now live

We’re delighted to publish the 3rd edition of our flagship online study course for nurses and nursing students, English for Nurses: Getting the Essentials Right.
The course has 10 units of 10 hours of content each covering a wide range of patient care, including discussing pain, medication, infection control, falls, injuries, IV therapy, respiratory problems, post-operative and end of life care.

Syllabus English for Nurses


What’s new?


In the 3rd edition, there are new activities, inputs and visuals. There is a full quiz at the end of each unit, checking students’ understanding of the target language from communicative interactions with patients to medical terminology to hospital-specific vocabulary. Perfect for progress testing.

Interactive recording activities have been integrated into every unit. This enables learners to record themselves in conversations with patients and then play them back so they and, in tutored courses, their teachers can listen and compare with model dialogues.

There are downloadable glossaries of all the key terms in every unit and links to web-based content for further study.

Finally, there are self-assessment checklists at the beginning and end of every unit so students (and their teachers) can reflect on progress made and what still needs additional work.

English for Nurses SLC


Integrated teacher platform

The course comes with an integrated teaching platform to be used by teachers to track student work, set assignments, host video conference meetings, and exchange messages. The platform allows teachers to see a student’s work as if they were that student – a bit like going through a student’s workbook – so they can see strengths and weaknesses, look at any written work and listen to any recordings.



Course accreditation and certification


The 3rd edition of English for Nurses has been evaluated, endorsed and certificated by NOCN Group, a leading UK Awarding Organisation. NOCN Group operates in over 20 different countries, with over 2,000 approved training centres delivering their qualifications and certificates to over 250,000 learners a year.

The course is also accredited by the CPD Standards Office in the UK, awarding 80 Continuing Professional Development points or hours for successful completion. CPDSO works with hundreds of training providers, educational organisations and employers in over 40 countries.

As an educator, you can decide which certification is right for your students.


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