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Get feedback and coaching on OET with Plus, Pro and Premium programmes

Reach OET B, SLC’s online OET preparation course for OET Medicine and OET Nursing, is used by thousands of candidates every year to help them register and work in the UK, US, Australia, Canada and elsewhere.

Many of our students upgrade their course to get personal feedback and coaching from one of SLC’s OET expert teachers. This gives them the advantage they need to get the results they want.

Here’s what you can do:


Plus – Writing Feedback and Correction

Writing OET

Many test candidates struggle with the Writing paper – using the right language, setting out the letter in the correct way, and knowing what the examiner is looking for.

Our Writing Correction service is designed to help. The OET experts in the SLC Academic team correct the letter you write, tell you how to improve it and give you the marks they think you would get in an official test. They do this in detail

In the Plus package, you get 2 detailed Writing Corrections so you really understand what your strengths and weaknesses are and therefore what you need to study to improve.

The Plus package also includes 5 examples of previously corrected and marked Writing tests from other candidates. They include a range of marks so you see what you need to do to achieve a C+ or B grade.


Pro and Premium – Tailor-made One-to-One Lessons

One to one OET Lessons

Having one-to-one lesson with an OET expert can make all the difference when you need high scores across the test. On the Pro and Premium packages you can add 5 or 10 x 1-hour lessons with one of SLC’s expert OET teachers to your Reach OET B course.

Your teacher will provide input, explanations and feedback that focus 100% on what you need. This might focus on one sub-test, give you practice Speaking exams, go through questions that arise from the course, or give you a set of strategies to apply across the four papers.

As the lessons are one-to-one, there is plenty of flexibility to book them when you are free.


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